Spring light


Spring light, spring shining, shining spring (shunkoo)

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***** Season: All Spring
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spring shines, spring light, bright scenery of spring
shunkoo,shunkō 春光
..... haru no hikari 春の光(はるのひかり)

shunshoku 春色(しゅんしょく)"the color of spring"
..... haru no iro 春の色(はるのいろ)
spring scenery; the scenery in spring

haru no nioi 春の匂(はるのにおい)the smell of spring

harugeshiki 春景色(はるげしき)landscape in spring
..... shunyoo 春容(しゅんよう)
..... shunboo 春望(しゅんぼう)
..... shunkei 春景(しゅんけい)

shunkoo referes to the general brightness that comes with spring, not exclusively with the sunshine.

wind shines, kaze hikaru 風光る (かぜひかる)
"shining wind"

soft wind, kaze yawaraka 風やわらか(かぜやわらか)

These kigo refer to the sparkling of spring sunshine and a gentle wind on a sunny spring day.

harunokaze 春の風 (はるのかぜ) spring breeze / spring wind

Some of these Chinese character combinations relate to old Chinese poems.

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"bright breeze" is not a kigo, but a topic for haiku.

. uraraka うららか麗らか bright spring weather
hi urara 日うらうら(ひうらら)bright and clear day

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shunkoo ya sanbyaku nenn no shiro ho kage

"The light of Spring brims over
The shadow of the Castle shows
The history of 300 years"

Sakai Mokuzen
酒井 黙禅〔さかい・もくぜん〕

Haiku Stone Memorial in Matsuyama, Dogo Onsen Area

This Haiku monument unveiled on the 15h March of 1962 (Showa 37), Mokuzen's 80th birthday. The characters on this monument is Mokuzen's own hand writing.

It was the days of Sadayuki Matsudaira, the first leader of the domain of Matsuyama, of 1642 (Kanei 19), when the dungeon of Matsuyama Castle was constructed. It goes back to the old times of about 300 years ago from the year of 1962 (Showa 37).

The word of "the shadow of the Castle shows the history of 300 years" just implies the deep emotion for the long history of the Castle.We can take a good sight of Castle Hill from this public hall.

The old Mokuzen took on the job of teaching Haiku as many as several hundreds of times, as the leader of the Haiku gathering in Iwaidani public hall, since 1959 (at the age of 77).


kaze hikaru makoto no nata ni hanagoro mo

Wind shines
around truth's flag
and the symphony of flowers as well

Japanese manga series by Taeko Watanabe.
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sumi-e ni mo honoka naru momiji kaze hikaru

even in this ink painting
a tint of red autumn leaves -
shining wind

Fukushima Kazu 福島加津

. Sumie paintings and Haiku .

momiji here means the color of red autumn leaves in the painting.


Alan Summers

bright breeze
the kettle warms up
a cloudless day

Publications credits: Presence #44 (2011)

bright breeze
a sighted person fingers
the statue’s eyes

Publications credits:
City: Bristol Today in Poems and Pictures (Paralalia 2004); tinywords.com

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