Owl (fukuroo)

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Qwl (fukuro, fukuroo, fukurō)

***** Location: Japan, other areas
***** Season: All Winter
***** Category: Animal


Bizen Statue by Takagaki Mondo 高垣門土

Owls are best observed in winter, when the leaves are gone and the nights are lone. Their mating season is in mid-winter, so they can also be heared more often at this time. A good place for owls is Hokkaido.

owl, ural owl fukuroo 梟
snow owl, shirofukuroo, 白梟

horned owls, mimizuku 木菟, ミミズク , zuku 菟
gorosuke 五郎助(ごろすけ)
torafuzuku 虎斑木菟(とらふずく)long-eared owl
komimizuku 小木菟(こみみずく)small owl
washi mimizuku 鷲木菟(わしみみずく) "eagle owl"

collared scops owl、ookonohazuku 大木葉菟
..... (Otus bakkamoena)

hahakuidori 母食鳥(ははくいどり)"bird that eats its mother"

fukuroo naku 梟鳴く(ふくろうなく)owl is howling

shimafukuroo しまふくろう "striped owl"
Blakiston's fish-owl . Ketupa blakistoni

shirofukuroo しろふくろう "white owl"
snowy owl, Nyctea scandiaca, Bubo scandiacus

Buddhabird owl, konohazuku
木の葉菟 (コノハズク) Otus scops japonicus
.... see Buddhabird (buppoosoo)

The owl in Japan is an auspicious animal, because of its name, pronounced fukuroo. Read as fu kuroo 不苦労, it means "no hardships, no trouble". Therefore, little things with an owl are very popular in Japan.

Mother (o-fukuro お袋) and haiku


observance kigo for mid-summer

. fukuro no atsumono 梟の羹 (ふくろうのあつもの)
"hot soup with owl meat"

Worldwide use


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snowy owl = harfeng des neiges

Snowy owls are found all over Canada in the winter time. They are extremely beautiful owls, all white with black patches, so that are well camouflaged in our forests in winter.

snowy owl
stares at the moon
image of her eyes

harfeng des neiges
qui fixe la lune
image de ses yeux

Richard Vallance 2008




Eule, Uhu.


Florida, USA

. Snowy owl   

topic for haiku from Florida

Things found on the way

Snowy Owl on Driftwood

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Kim Steininger
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

"I took this picture right before I ducked," says Steininger. On a bird-watching trip in Ontario, Canada, last winter, the network administrator noticed that one of the great gray owls she was photographing was staring back at her. "I didn’t think anything of it until it started flying at me," she says. Before getting out of the way, Steininger captured this digital photo with a 500mm telephoto lens.

Look at a great page with amazing nature photos, January 2006


susuki mimizuku すすきみみずく 
horned owls made from susuki grass

amulet for getting pregnant (with a large tummy like these stuffed owls)

Susuki grass pas plenty in Edo and this little toy and amulet was quite popular, especially in temples dedicated to . Kishibojin 鬼子母神 . and her temple in Ikebukuro. Now there is even a group to keep up the tradition of making them, sponsored by the head priest. They have to go as far as Saitama to get the proper grass ears. The ears and bill are made from wood.

Legend knows this:
Once there was a poor mother and daughter living in Edo. The mother got ill and the daughter went to the temple of Kishibojin for 100 days to pray for her recovery. On the last day the daughter had a dream:
"Go out, get some susuki grass, make some owls from it and sell it to become rich."
So she did and soon she had enough money to buy medicine for her ill mother.

. Amulets and Talismans from Japan . 

source : national diet library
artist unknown


Dusk -
silently a snow owl
changes trees.

Deepening dusk -
an owl adds its voice
to the campfire song.

(1st place in the Shiki Double Kukai, February, 2004,
6th place in the 2004 Shiki Annual Double kukai)

Early night -
the great horned owls
hoot their off-key duets.

This cold night,
through the grave yard echoes
an owl's "whooo". . .

Zhanna P. Rader


On my walk yesterday …. It was Late evening- saw a pair of owls … sitting on a low branch hooting away to glory!
I stopped to look and surprisingly one flew away, the other bent down to look at me!

night chill . . .
awake with me
the owl’s hoot

snow owl . . .
her resonant call rips
across the twilight

Kala Ramesh, India


two owls
on the same old branch -
good couple's day

Gabi Greve, January 2007

Related words

***** Buddhabird (buppoosoo)
"Owl in green leaves" konohazuku 木の葉木莵 , 小葉木菟
..... aobazuku 青葉木莵
kigo for all summer

***** Mother (o-fukuro) Japan


Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995)


Because of a pun with the name, the FUKU brings good luck to people.
There is also a pun with

fu kuroo 不苦労 no hardships, no worries

chiebukuro 知恵袋 a wise person - chie no fukuro

. Amulets and Toys with the FUKU 福 owl .





Gabi Greve said...

行く秋を おしくらまんじゅ 背中押し

英名 = Hokkaido Fral Owl。

Look at a photo and read more here:

. Owl by BLOG KUKAI Senior21 .


Gabi Greve said...

The Eagle Owl has brown-black upper parts and tawny-buff ear tufts. Its facial disc is tawny-buff, speckled black-brown with dense freckling on the forehead and crown.
It has a black bill and claws, and the irises of its eyes are orange.

Read more here:
. Eagle Owl .


Anonymous said...

the snow owl --
old hands drop the tea cup
for the first time

Aalix Roake


Gabi Greve said...

Tokyo Ikebukuro 池袋 station
There is a small statue of an owl
located near the center of the city called
Ikefukurō-zō (いけふくろう像), meaning pond owl statue.
It is a play on words from the alternative meaning of "fukuro" as "owl" (although owl is pronounced with a long final "oh", rather than a short "o" in the word "fukuro" for bag). The owl statue has become a famous meeting place along the lines of the statue of Hachikō located outside Shibuya Station.

Gabi Greve said...

17 legends to explore フクロウ !
- - - - - from Fukiyacho, Tokyo

Tengu no misemono 天狗のみせ物 a Tengu show

At a show performance they paraded a "Tengu", with a robe decorated with feathers of an owl painted all red. Sometimes they use the feathers of other birds.