Ladybird (tentoomushi)


Ladybug, Ladybird Beetle (tentomushi)

***** Location: Japan, worldwide
***** Season: All Summer
***** Category: Animal


Ladybird, tentoomushi 天道虫, 瓢虫 (てんとうむし)
Coccinellidae family

Gourd Beetle, tentoomushi 瓢虫
..... tentomushi てんとむし
..... hisgomushi ひさごむし "gourd beetle"

Tentoomushi literally means the
Beetle of the Heaven's Way in Japan.

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In Europe we have the following legend about the animal:

... and when you plant your Mary Garden, let's hope some of "Our Lady's Birds" -- ladybugs, named for Mary when, according to medieval legend, they miraculously came to save crops from aphids -- come to protect your plants!
The red color of the "Lady Beetle's" body is symbolic of her red cloak, and the 7 black spots found on some species in Europe represent her 7 Sorrows. Lady Bugs are almost universally considered symbols of "good luck" because of the benefits they bring to man.
You might want to pray to St. Fiacre, patron of gardeners, for God to send some of these critters your way...

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children all gone.
All except one whose name is Anne
Who hid herself under the frying pan.



source : facebook

The Ladybug is actually a ladybird beetle. These common beetles have a very distinctive oval shape and bright coloring. The head is partly or completely concealed by its pronotum or top shell. Both adults and larva of most species are predaceous. Feeding chiefly on aphids, but also seeking out scale insects, mites and other injurous forms in insects. Ladybird beetles are often quite numerous where these pests occur. They may eat up to 1000 aphids a day.

Some species have been used commercially to combat scale insects injurious to the citrus orchards of California. Adults frequently overwinter in large groups under leaves or in debris. There are only two species of ladybird beetles that are phytophagous, which means feeding on plants. These can be serious garden pests.


How to say "Ladybug" Around the World

Austria ~ Glückskäfer
Czechoslovakia ~ Slunécko
Denmark ~ Mariehøne
England ~ LadyBird
Finland ~ Leppäkerttu
France ~ Coccinelle
Germany ~ Marienkafer
Greece ~ Paskalitsa
Holland ~ Lieveheersbeestje
Hungary ~ Katicabogár
Italy ~ Coccinella
Japan ~ Tentou Mushi
Jordan ~ Da'asouqah
Korea ~ Mudangbule
Latvia ~ Mara
Malaysia ~ Kumbang
Poland ~ Biedronka
Portugal ~ Joaninha
Romania ~ Buburuzã
Russia ~ Bosya Kopovka
Slovania ~ Pikapolonica
Spain ~ Mariquita
Sweden ~ Nykelpiga
Turkey ~ Ugurböcegi

Worldwide use


a classic old nursery rhyme :

Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home.
Your house is on fire. And your children all gone.
All except one, and that's little Ann,
For she crept under the baking pan.

- Shared by Chris Loft -



kalinka, kalinka-malinka

It showes the right way or the direction where one young girl may look for her huseband.

Ginka Biliarska
Bulgarian haiku club




We call this animal the Beetle of Good Luck, Glückskäfer. Or Beetles of Mary, Marienkäfer.
It id of course as its name says a symbol of good luck.

Gabi Greve



A ladybird rests on a flower at a public park in the centre of the Jordanian capital Amman May 17, 2005. Ladybirds, which are flooding gardens and parks at the start of summer, are considered a symbol of good fortune in Jordan.



There is Mongolian children song:

ladybug, ladybug
fly right, fly left
fulfill my, fulfill my desire

Children call the ladybug as "golden camel" in Mongolian
If a ladybug flies, the desire will be fulfilled.

flying over my son
to fulfill his desire
a ladybug

Tavanbayar Lkhagvaa

- Shared by Zaya Nergui -
Joys of Japan, 2012

Things found on the way

The Seven-spot Ladybird (Coccinella septempunctata) was in the series of stamps of the Isle of Man in February 2001, Series 1. Bugs and Bees.


March ladybird--
glinting on her carapacea
tiny silver sun

John Ower, Spring Contest of Haiga Online 2004


tentomushi ten no missho o hane ura ni

this ladybird
(it carries) a secret letter from the sky
under its wings

. Mitsuhashi Takajo 三橋鷹女 .


てんと虫 一兵われの 死なざりし  安住 敦
tentomushi ippei ware no shi nazarishi

Oh, ladybird--
serving as a private soldier,
alas, I survived!

Azumi Atsushi

More of his haiku are here:


dookefuku nugazu tentoomushi no shi yo (1982)

still wearing
its clown's costume,
the ladybird has died

Haiku written, selected and commented by TAKAHA Shugyo


Painting from Diethelm Kaminski, Sevilla

gleich zwei Glückskäfer
nebeneinander gemalt –
doppelte Freude

two ladybirds
painted side by side -
double enjoyment
(Tr. Gabi Greve)

Marlies Matz, 29.04.2005

There are many more haiku for this painting on this page:


A nice page on our ladybird friends. I gladly add this contribution:

a ladybug
through tempered glass

Shane Gilreath


harbour entrance
a ladybird lands
on my wrist

Copenhagen, by Gerald England, 2006     


sunheat -
also parted in death
a ladybird's wings

Alan Summers
1. Blithe Spirit September 1998
2. Birdsong - a haiku sequence Together They Stood pub.
Poetry Now 2004 ISBN 1844607852

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Anonymous said...

this is a pretty good site...
i LOVE ladybirds!!! (and i hate the word ladybugs, which i just learned is a beetle ladybird thanks to this site)

Anonymous said...

new outfit --
the first ladybug
of the season



Gabi Greve said...

Yellow-rattle meadow -
a two spot ladybird moves
with my hand turns

Alan Summers, UK

Hermitage haiku journal, Romania ISSN 1584-6970 2005

Abigail Parker said...

Smooth-shelled hemisphere,
Cherry-colored, polka-dotted,
Beneath: the dark jaws.