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The word FISH (sakana 魚 ) just like that is not a kigo.

Japanese FISH and SEAFOOD are here :


Here is a list of fish worldwide used as kigo.


Please add your fish haiku, haiga and info
in the comments to this BLOG.

fish under water -
the illusion of words
we think we know


© Gabi Greve


Snapper in Australia (Pagrus auratus)
all spring


All Winter

Alaska pollack, sukesoodara 助宗鱈 (すけそうだら)
Theragra chalcogramma
..... sukesoo dara 介党鱈(すけとうだら)
"Tara from Sado Island, "Sadodara 佐渡鱈(さどだら)
"fish with roe", mentaigyo 明太魚(めんたいぎょ)
fish roe from Alaska pollack, momijiko 紅葉子(もみじこ)
Alaska-Seelachs, Alaska-Pollack

Whales, kujira 鯨


eel (capitone) in Italy
The capitone is offered during the Christmas eve dinner which only consists of fish courses.

on the table cloth
the capitone waits
for its turn

Moussia, Italy

Roast Eel, Capitone Arrosto
This is a classic Christmas Eve dish from Altamura, in northwestern Puglia, Italy.
I remember in Germany we also have eel as a favorite winter fish, because of its fat.
In Japan, as we saw above, the eel is eaten in the middle of the summer heat.

Gabi Greve


A lot of fish and seafood is prepared for the special dishes of
the New Year Season, O-Setchi Ryori
(osetchi ryoori おせち料理, 御節料理 )

New Year Food, Neujahrsessen

Things found on the way

Fish as a non-seasonal topic

Many contributions might even considered senryu.


Milkfish (Chanos chanos) PHILIPPINES SAIJIKI

Tawilis (Sardinella tawilis) PHILIPPINES SAIJIKI


fish out of water
groping for newer ideas
of survival

shoma, India


blue and silver fish --
but for the ferry wait

In Norway last summer, having left the bus and waiting for the ferry across a splendid sunny fjord, I had leisure to look deeply into the clear waters at the landing stage.
Once my eyes had got used to the shadows, I noticed tiny blue and silver fish living their lives below, undisturbed by us and by the occasional traffic.

Photo and Haiku © Isabelle Prondzynski, 2005


a rengay

sleek darting fishes
weave in and out of my dreams
sunlight caresses

three naked children run
from real and imagined crabs

in aquamarine rock-pools
reflections flicker - are gone
seaweed gently swirls

sea breeze
mum on an airbed
floats out with the tide

the horizon tilts;
on-shore fishermen pause

ocean’s edge
teenagers promenade
casting their spells

frances ryan
paul t conneally

started: 7th June 2000
completed: 10th June 2000


Goldfish approaches
its reflection and returns:
almost Winter.



fish seller . . .
she arranges them
all in a row

Kala Ramesh , India


how quickly
you move through the shallows
insensitive fish



From Zhanna P. Rader

Под тонким ледком
играет краснопёрка –
любопытство пса.

Red-finned fish
plays under a thin ice -
the dog's curiosity.


Fighting the currents,
brook trout reach the gravel bed -
their mating dance.

Борясь с течением,
форель достигает мелководья -
её свадебные танцы . . .


The fish nibble
at my skin.

В воде с аквалангом. . .
Рыба щиплет мне


Rippling bay -
striped mullet leap
from the water.

В заливе рябит -
полосатая кефаль
выпрыгивает из воды.


Black heron's wings
become an umbrella -
fish seek the shade.

Крылья чёрной цапли
раскрываются зонтами -
рыба спешит в их тень.


Lakeside campfire –
the aroma of fish soup
gathers the family.

Костёр на озере -
аромат ухи
собирает всю семью.


Office lunch –
a hawk comes to the window
with a fish

(Canadian Zen Haiku canadien, vol. 2, #4, 2004)

Обед на работе –
ястреб прилетает с рыбой
и садится на окно.


На ныряльщице
модный купальник -
рыба пучит глаза.

A snappy swimsuit
on the woman diver -
the snappers just stare.

(World Haiku Review, 2005, #1)


Night ebbing tide -
a man on the pier fishes
for large snook.


because you caught it,
I slice the fish's belly;
the sundeck reddens

silver streaked sky --
we surfcast for striped bass
off the Atlantic

hortensia anderson
nyc, ny, usa




Tilapia from the Philippines

The tilapia is a freshwater fish that is considered to be one of the healthiest fish to eat. It has soft white meat that is not wild in taste, but delicate. And it has a lot of bones. It is usually baked and eaten with rice. It looks like a cross between a big mouth bass and a blue gill.

those eyes!
a tilapia
stares at me
from the wet slab
with no tomorrow

robert wilson

Hungry tilapia
gamely bites the bait
of the fishing rod.

Willie Bongcaron, Manila, April 2008

These fish are also found in China and Africa.

The Genus Tilapia

is endemic to warm waters throughout the world. The aquaculture, or fish farming, of Tilapia is recorded in human history as far back as ancient Egypt. Tradition holds that the Tilapia was the fish that Jesus used to feed the five-thousand on the Sea of Galilee - thus one of its common names, "St. Peter's Fish." Tilapia is also referred to as "The Wonder Fish" and "Nile Perch."

Read more at the Morning Star Fishermen

Where Kenya is concerned, Tilapia and Nile Perch are two of the mostcommon fish, both living and fished in Lake Victoria -- and indeed,both exported to Belgium for consumption here. They are bothdelicious!

In Kenya, there would seem to be no particular season linked witheither or both of these fish, as they are available and good to eatall year round. However, they could be a non seasonal topic, sincethey play a major economic role in the lives of the people near LakeVictoria. Indeed, even those frying them in the street stalls of Nairobi, hail from Western Kenya and are "fish" people.

Isabelle Prondzynski


Tilapia in the Philippines

On January 11, 2008, the Cagayan Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) stated that tilapia production grew and Cagayan Valley is now the Philippines’ tilapia capital. Production supply grew 37.25% since 2003, with 14,000 metric tons (MT) in 2007. The recent aquaculture congress found that the growth of tilapia production was due to government interventions:
provision of fast-growing species, accreditation of private hatcheries to ensure supply of quality fingerlings, establishment of demonstration farms, providing free fingerlings to newly constructed fishponds, and the dissemination of tilapia to Nueva Vizcaya (in Diadi town).
© More in the WIKIPEDIA !


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WASHOKU ... Japanese Food SAIJIKI

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Gabi Greve said...

snapper run
my father's cigarette
bobbing on the bay

with more explanations by
lorin ford



Unknown said...

It is very cold tonight.
My wife has prepared a fish dish for me.

It is that

angler fish, ankoo 鮟鱇
..... especially liked for its raw liver (ankimo)

I have satisfied it very much.

Thank you, Gotisou souma.


Gabi Greve said...

fish market
in cod's eye
sun rises

[first published in Tattoo Highway #9:

Tad Wojnicki


Gabi Greve said...

Some FISH information from America is here:

shad, cherry salmon, steelhead trout ...

a trout leaps
through the rainbow

Linda Papanicolaou

. Fish from America .


Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

little fish,
humuhumunukunuku apua'a --
with the big name

haiga link:

State fish of Hawaii
Haiku featured in
Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
*Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4

Gabi Greve said...

The state fish of California: the Garibaldi fish




The third of these urls is a wonderful underwater sound site that has recordings of many species, fish and whales.

It seems that each of the 50 US states has an officially designated
'state fish'. I went looking for a list and found this wildlife site that's running a contest about state fish for kids:


Linda Papanicolaou


Gabi Greve said...

anko mo/waga mi no go mo/niyuru kana

the angler fish
gets stewed
my karma, too

Kubota Mantaroo

Tr. Susumu Takiguchi

Anonymous said...

Deep within the stream
the huge fish lie motionless
facing the current

(J.W. Hackett)


Anonymous said...

fish under water-
the illusion of elements
we think we know....



Anonymous said...

fugu fish is tasty! –
however, I leave its relish
to someone else

winter fishing
waiting for a bream
the morning flows

in the cold sea
a smiling fisherman –
a sea bass on his spear

fish on the grill –
live coals in each eye
of our tomcat

metallic reflection
of the mackerels on the grill
the fragrance spreads

Tomislav Maretic