Independence Day

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Independence Day

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Many countries celebrate an Independence Day.
Here they will be listed in alphabetical order of the country.

Worldwide use


Africa Day, April 15. Kigo for Spring. Kigo for Long Rains in the tropcis.

...It reminds us of the struggle for independence...

It has been five years since every year this day of April 15, was decreed to be celebrated as Africa's Independence Day. This day is celebrated throughout Africa. It reminds Us of the struggles for independence during the last twelve months and of our African brothers and sisters that are still engaged in the fight for freedom.

For several years in the past, as must be remembered a large part of the African continent was under colonial rule. In the course of that time, colonialists have stripped the Africans of their freedom and natural rights, and used their resources for the benefit and prosperity of their own country. Even today, colonial masters speak ill of Africans by exaggerating their poverty in the press. Africans are also blamed for the aid they receive. This aid cannot fill the needs of their peoples overnight. From under such humiliation, Africans rose up to safeguard their right and started to struggle to obtain their independence. This struggle began to bear fruit after World War II.

The first African independent states conference was held in Africa in 1958.

Read more about it here



August 15, 1947. Kigo for Monsoon.

Read more about it in the India Saijiki
Independence Day (India) August 15, 1947


Independence Day, June 12, 1898
kigo for the rainy season


Trinidad and Tobago
Date: August 31st.
Season: Tropical Wet Season


Trinidad is the Southern most island of the Caribbean, located off the East coast of Venezuela, the two countries being separated by a channel which is not more than seven miles wide.

Principal Cities: Trinidad - Port of Spain; Tobago - Scarborough
Language: English
Population1.3 million
Area: Trinidad - 4830sqkm; Tobago - 300sqkm
Climate Tropical—Average Temperature 21-32C.

Our swimmer George Bovell III won - at 2004 Olympics Athens-- Greece - for us the bronze medal in the mens swimmming in the 200 IM Swimming in a time of 1:58.80

Our National Colours are red white and black.
Our National Anthem can be heard here.

Gillena Cox
St James, Trinidad


July, 4th. / Fourth of July
Kigo for summer.

Independence Day celebrates the birthday of the United States of America.
Founded July 4th 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The Story of America's Independence

Fourth of July - Kigo discussion at THF

Fourth of July -
the brother I never knew
gives me a hug

Angelee Deodhar
India, 2013

Things found on the way


Independence night--
through tree silhouettes,
fireworks burgeon.

Gillena Cox, 2003


Independence's Day-
Rain of stars or

Vasile Moldovan, 2005


... ... INDIA ... ...

Independence Day -
the poster of Gandhi
rather faded

Gabi Greve
Independence Day (India) August 15, 1947

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Anonymous said...

independence day,
all men are created equal---
even them

Fred Masarani


Anonymous said...

Independence Day . . .
slipping into the lake
for a midnight swim

by Alice Frampton, from New Resonance 3: Emerging Voices
in English-Language Haiku
(Edited by Jim Kacian and Dee Evetts, Red Moon Press, 2003)

.. .. ..

Fourth of July--
grandma's throw
half way to the toddler

by Michael Dylan Welch.



Gabi Greve said...

14th august . . .
people still wear khadi
. . . a few

14th august . . .
sudden gust of wind
spinning wheel spins

Kala Ramesh, India


Gabi Greve said...

December 1st is National Day of Romania

winter day -
band songs at
your birthday

Alex Serban, Romania